I’m Amy and I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, the sunshine state. I first fell in love with the world when I climbed to the top of a temple in Tikal, Guatemala. Standing above the tree tops, looking over the world as far as the eye could see, I knew I had to keep chasing that feeling.

Mayan Temple - Tikal, Guatemala

I wanted to be an entertainer from a young age. I wanted to bring joy to the world but I adhered to some of the worst advice. They said that’s a nice dream but pick a career that will make money. I listened and went to UCF which is a great state university which has a really great business program where I got a very practical business degree which I used to get a good paying desk job with good benefits and dental insurance. I thought this is what I’m supposed to do. I need to sit at my desk to earn money to pay for the things I enjoy doing. And each day that passed, I enjoyed it a little bit less.

One day I was camping in North Florida and as dusk approached a thousand fireflies descended to our wooded haven. I got a surge of feeling ‘why am I not pursuing this?’ When I returned, I started this blog.

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